Labor & Country

Policy ideas to build a new Democratic Party around workers.

Ohio 2035

The beginning of a letter to my people with a dream of my visions for Ohio to reclaim dominance in manufacturing and productive capacity to show how one state might inspire others to a new vision of the future.


A brief introduction on my life and how it has shaped me in preparation to fight for working people and to lead our nation.


Information around the degeneration of our politics, including a train derailment, open air detonation, and an incompetent clean up effort, that would convince me the leadership in both my state and federal government need completely replaced.

The New Democratic Party of Ohio

A brief introduction on the transformation needed to re-inspire the hearts and mind of our population through servant focused leadership with results used as marketing, not television advertisements.

Privacy, Free Speech, Technology

Thoughts on the first and fourth amendments as rediscovered guardrails against an ever encroaching government.

Plus FedReq! Don't get Fed Wreck'd! Get FedReq!


War has broken out on the eastern flanks of Europe. Russia has invaded a sovereign country and The United States encroachment on the borders of Russia with western weapons under the guise of NATO, a supposed peace treaty, threatens the future of peace the globe over.


The most boring chapter about a means of production that is often overlooked by liberal citizens. Brand new banking methods aim to maximize profits while minimizing the ability for working citizens to fight for their production by competing directly in our markets, inflating everything in its wake, and destroying our middle class.


A once in a lifetime pandemic event has given the United States a unique opportunity to pull back productive capacity and wealth stolen from our middle class. We cannot do this while competing against cheap labor underhandedly used in our southern states while the Midwest's lack of border access gives fellow citizens an upper hand. I intend to use immigration to see the PRO ACT is passed, beginning a new dawn for American workers.


'Future School' and 'Ready@18' are new programs attempting to change the dominant Democratic Party orthodoxy around college and its need for our citizens.


Our nation is divided, drugged, and fearful, with an overzealous, military police force culture that uses domination rather than conversation. This is not the time for less guns. This is a time for new tools.

A letter to American Truckers

'Future School' and 'Ready@18' are new programs attempting to change the college dominant Democratic Party orthodoxy around college and its need for our citizens.

A letter to the office of Jon Lovitz

After the initial barrage of cruel attacks against transexual athletes and the wave of fear and anxiety caused our country over, I wrote to this politician attempting to convey a different approach to the matter of sport.


An ending to a letter for my people.

Working People Stick Together