My name is Anthony Manalakos.

As leader of the New Democratic Party of Ohio, our MISSION is PEACE, the PRO ACT, & PAYMENTS2PARENTS

to get BACK to doing what WE do best...

Making babies and building cool stuff!

My Presidential campaign is OVER but the fight for working people has just begun!

Working people stick together!

A request to not invade Gaza. A mousetrap.

Fight for a future led by workers!

Conservative governments nationwide attack on our educational institutions;

  • giving away taxpayer money to private groupthink educational institutions

  • banning books

  • curbing free speech

  • stripping libraries of funding

  • scaremongering children

  • defunding institutions that upset the delicate conservative conscience

Where is the party of teachers, librarians, and working people?

45 Days.

45 Days Democratic leaders knew about the Roe decision being overturned, sitting around unable to lift a finger for those stripped of bodily autonomy. Now cops are allowed by law to hunt our female citizens.

45 days our female citizens were devoid of leadership, raising their hands in the air in exasperated submission.

45 days is just long enough to call every fortune 500 company that donates a penny to the Grand Old Party and get on the record how they feel treating our female citizens like common government property?

45 days is long enough to get court cases filed grounded in the fourth amendment to attempt to remedy this madness once and for all.

In 45 days I would've have raised an army of citizens.

Workers are under attack.

The Democratic Party needs new leadership and ideas with workers as the core focus.

The message is not blue or red. It is black and white.

Working People must band together around class in this great time of upheaval and change.

The Democratic Party are unable to deliver results for the middle class because they are disconnected.

The future of the Democratic party begins in Ohio. 

Join the fight. Build the future.