Services for Citizens

Lifeline 111
Mission Goals
  • Attempted disruption of mass casualty events through more accessible services

  • National project focused on service to help build with our youth

  • Renewed focus on reaching out by all government and community institutions alike

Water Services
Mission Goals
  • EPA Change Recommendations

  • Civilian disaster fund in line with SVB style loan structure backed by train assets

  • Complement civilian water testing services (Scott C. Smith) to create better data aggregated experience

Mission Goals
  • Freedom Division Robotics

  • Train workers, staff, and small businesses how to compete against corporate giants

  • Initial training ground with focus into worker owned models and data

No stock trading.

No corporate money.

No gimmicks.

Working People Stick Together

The message is not blue or red. It is black and white.

Working People must band together around class in this great time of upheaval and change.

The Democratic Party are unable to deliver results for the middle class because they are disconnected.

The working class movement that Bernie Sanders reignited is not over.

It is getting a militant upgrade.

Join the fight. Build the future.