Policy Priorities

Mission Goals

  • Full weight of government would be put into a "fission vision" with a shared national nuclear project doubling capacity in 10 years

  • Replacement of all coal plants with natural gas and continued expansion of natural gas as bridge fuel

Mission Goals

  • Privacy bill destroying Patriot Act and reestablishing the fourth amendment

  • Free Julian Assange

  • FEDReq- All Federal Requests. One site. No ongoing investigations. " Don't get fedwrekd, get FEDReq."

Mission Goals

  • Removal of financial sanctions globally to save dollar

  • Removal of quantitative easing and central bank digital currency from Federal Reserve playbook

  • Productive capacity as a national security issue

Mission Goals

  • Child Tax Credit to bolster the ability for family formation

  • Work from home as focus as needs allow as a means for stronger families

  • Lifeline111 to identify, help, and nurture at risk Americans

  • Single Payer Option

Family First

Freedom of Speech

Energy Independence

Hard Money

No stock trading.

No corporate money.

No gimmicks.

Working People Stick Together

The message is not blue or red. It is black and white.

Working People must band together around class in this great time of upheaval and change.

The Democratic Party are unable to deliver results for the middle class because they are disconnected.

The working class movement that Bernie Sanders reignited is not over.

It is getting a militant upgrade.

Join the fight. Build the future.