A letter to Free Staters & Libertarians on the removal of Jeremy Kauffman from the Free State Board


The presidential campaign of Anthony Manalakos


From the desk of presidential candidate Anthony Manalakos

Friday, September 30, 2023

Free Staters & Libertarians,

I started my Presidential campaign in New Hampshire at PorcFest, sure a place with bold ideas could match a man attempting a bold feat. I was absolutely correct, finding corners of my own ideas pressurized and pushed by people who are far from the monolith often portrayed. Fellow citizens, as a dissident, the conversation around free speech in our republic is too important not to remark forcefully. Mr. Kauffman is unique in nature to be sure. PRINCIPLES though, even if tongue trite with filth, are what the independent American heart follows. No matter a slate of bad takes. No matter the pushback from soft Americans. I would ask you to not let the anger of the internet ‘grab you by the pussy’ as it were.

I find the lack of forceful pressure against an increasingly authoritarian police state much more offensive than anything Mr. Kauffman has said. I detest the content this man often produces, but he never leaves me without thought, something abandoned by the left movement in the collapse and disintegration of the Bernie Sanders movement.

My party won’t let a fart come out in the shape of a question mark about what Donald Trump meant. I am sure much closer to a reflection of our nation and leadership class than we care to admit. My party has greatly mistaken the gripping fear of one man, for political victory derived from skill. Now, we are on the brink of war once again. Though tweets clean, you will greatly diminish and weaken your movement in a critical time because working people ALL feel the pressure to curb tongue and there is little we hate more. Whether fair or not you will send this message to your movement and they are romantics, untethered to victory like other parties. I love this movement, even with the crazies. The fight for peace is all that matters.

Anthony Manalakos