A letter to United Auto Workers

The presidential campaign of Anthony Manalakos


From the desk of presidential candidate Anthony Manalakos

United Auto Workers,

Brothers and sisters, history has called upon you to play a critical role in building new expectations for labor throughout our country. It is an unfair task to ask to risk so much. It’s hard to discern the collective sacrifice that will be needed to endure to send a crystal clear message to the executive class that we are going to keep more money in our communities. To do so, may mean suffering for many in their own lives that no man or woman can ask of another.

As we move closer to battle, please have temperance and tolerance in your heart for fellow workers. I believe it IS the true difference between the independent American heart and those who bow to the past, to the present, and to the possibilities of the future. Remember Trump won 40% of labor. Something is wrong. I took out all of my 401k and started a Presidential campaign to fight against the corrupt establishment that is sucking the very HOPE from our people after the East Palestine train derailment. Now, I’m all in too.

You should no longer expect battles but a concentrated and strategically organized WAR from both detracting elements represented broadly by capital (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street )and politicians working behind the scenes to use totalitarian tactics to limit ground power. Working people's parties joining strike lines across the country, with loud music, good food, and family centric activities should be considered by all political leaders as mandatory.

Make no mistake fellow citizens, the rich will have new tricks up their sleeves having taken chin shot after our fellow brothers and sisters at UPS greatly exceeded the expectations of weak kneed CEO’s, trembling in their leather loafers. I am heartened by the win but they still don’t have AC. That’s only for the new trucks. If you want peace, prepare for war. Hunger for the future must eclipse all. Working people stick together.

Anthony Manalakos