A letter to fellow Democrats

The presidential campaign of Anthony Manalakos


Tuesday August 28, 2023

Fellow Democrats,

Brothers and sisters, most people in the country I’ve talked to have dreams that all seem a little harder to get to than they used to be. I have seen many facts and figures paraded across the screens of our fellow citizens in a desperate attempt to try to convince us otherwise. To understand better, I was recently on the ground in both New Hampshire and Iowa, two cousins in the nature of industry and societal makeup in Ohio. Hearty, independent, and above all, pragmatic citizens across the political spectrum are angry in a way that is difficult to articulate, yet connects all of our states in a harmony of discontent that is getting louder by the day.

I am a part of that discontent after the train derailment in East Palestine. The subsequent open air explosion, incompetent clean up, money allocation process, and anger turned into despondency from my fellow citizens causes me a great deal of shame. So, I quit my job, wrote a book, took out all of my 401k and started a Presidential campaign to fight against the corrupt establishment that is sucking the very HOPE from our people. The derailment has still not been declared a state of emergency by our own President that never visited to inquire about why. This all, while the corporate propaganda splashes around the country for a man who is far too helpful in the affairs of his son and the military industrial complex. Now, war breaks out on the borders of Europe once more.

In my estimation, the original election of Mr. Trump is the convulsion of a people that chose rebellion over the status quo of the globalist ruling class. War included. He failed the first time and ended up with two of the largest transfers of wealth upward in history. This, matched with leading the lockdowns are anchors around the neck of his party if only we could rid ourselves of the notion that tomorrow must be like today.If nothing changes, I believe Mr. Trump will begin a second Presidency off a rather simple anti-war message that cannot be countered by our party. The simplicity may seem absurd, but will not be able to be matched by a war owned party against an angry population hungry for peace. Any regular citizen that looks within their heart knows this is the truth. Everyday I think about how over 40% of labor lined up behind Mr. Trump. Now, every citizen remarks or listens to remarks about the lack of care within our own borders while billions are sent to Ukraine. Our people are tired and need to find refuge in hope for the difficult task of building the future. We must fight for peace now before weak leaders sleepwalk our nation into war.

My fellow citizens, is my intention to begin a rebellion against the national Democratic Party from Ohio to stop insider stock trading and donations of corporate money leaving our fellow citizens despondent about the abilities to make the government respond appropriately for the amount we’re taxed and regulated. The very core of my belief in a strong government to respond to the changing needs of a population tasked with remaining a dominant world leader has been shaken. Without a tangible, inspiring message and public transformation of the Democratic party away from the pull strings of corporations, the working class of the United States of America is in great danger from forces represented by capital in every nook and cranny of our public and private business sectors.

I have only been a politician since February so I hope you’ll forgive my candid nature on the current state of our party. I am an imperfect instrument in the most desperate of times. A service-first campaign devoid of corporate money IS the true mechanism to inspire our people once more. A lack of lobbyists will lead to strong governance, surely showing their poker hands through a Republican Party that does not know the hungry heart of Trump’s people the way I do. The many that left our party will look to the horizon once again. With sixty four percent of the country turning to independence from both our parties the time to carve for working people is here.

Whoever gives up the corporate money for the people will win the heart of the people. It is the thesis of the very existence of my candidacy. We only need to trust our fellow citizens and the power of the heart and modern internet. Truth will ring into ears like a sweet church hymn. The mission is not even to touch each voter! It is to inspire the passionate people of purpose that will dedicate service as leadership. Any and all will be welcome within our communities to this new mission. But to do this, we must have a principled message in hand.

No corporate money.

No insider trading.

No gimmicks.

Working people stick together.

Anthony Manalakos