A letter to the Robert Kennedy Jr. campaign on similar views on the lack of standards within our government.

The presidential campaign of Anthony Manalakos


From the desk of presidential candidate Anthony Manalakos

Sunday August 16, 2023

Mr. Kennedy,

I have reviewed your positions on the inappropriate relationships between pharmaceutical companies and the federal government, collusion to control and manipulate Congress including extended agencies, and information cover up attempts and would like offer my campaign’s support and to also champion the cause to remove all liability protections from pharmaceutical companies and expect that all drugs currently on market and all going forward in the future will have double blind, independently audited and retested mechanisms including ongoing independent information repositories to alert citizens to information free from the drool stains of private equity.

I started my Presidential campaign in the wake of the East Palestine disaster, sure the power wielded at the top of this nation will not allow understanding of the gravity of a train wreck in a small Ohio town. To understand the gravity of a lack of trust, with citizens questioning the existence of all institutions! Incompetence or malevolence, in the end it doesn't matter now.


Anthony Manalakos