A letter of appreciation to the Biden administration on the proposed changes to the Davis-Bacon rule.


The presidential campaign of Anthony Manalakos


Sunday August 13, 2023

Fellow citizens,

The proposed rule changes by the Biden administration Department of Labor with regards to the Davis-Bacon rule have brought about several positive elements NONE MORE IMPORTANT than ensuring MORE money stays in the LOCAL communities in which these projects are born and built.

The Davis-Bacon rule is being updated, mandating federally funded construction projects must be paid prevailing wages, covering more projects and more workers, extending the benefits of fair wages to a larger segment of the workforce and enhancing the reach of tax dollars into working communities across the country. This is a welcomed provision to our fellow workers and a job well done to the Department of Labor.

In addition to the recent paid time off carved out for railway workers and attempts to end non-compete clauses there have been concrete steps by good members of the Biden Administration on behalf of working people across our country. However, I want much more for my people than the lukewarm labor fantasies of rich folk that have never bled for a dollar. To rebellion. Thank you and working people stick together.

Keep Fighting,

Anthony Manalakos