A policy challenge to the Democratic Party of the United States of America.



2/15/20234 min read

grayscale photo of metal fence
grayscale photo of metal fence

Mission goals with regards to immigration.

· Stop all immigration for a minimum period of five years.

· Use labor tightening to force wage increases.

· Use immigration bill to get The PRO ACT passed.

· Set up new strategic economic zones with Central America.

This is when I know I will be viewed the most callous against the citizens of the world, I know desperate for a chance to dream the American dream. However, our romance for humanity is used to enslave us to weak job prospects that do not match the market dynamism felt the country over. A new type of American worker must arise, able to effectively compete a globalized economy and that can manifest whatever destiny he sets himself to. This is the strongest time for worker power in over a generation and the reverberations from the pandemic have not been realized completely.

In this unique moment in history, the labor force must be able to strategically advance a new vision of middle-class participation. We cannot afford to compete with labor from outside the United States in this moment while we advocate for more internally focused productive capacity and wage increases to keep up with inflation and more importantly, cut back into the twenty percent of middle-class wealth robbed of us by the aristocracy of our own country.

It is not lost on my conscience what this would entail for people all over the world that want to live here. However, politicians and businesses alike are using these souls as pawns, particularly in California, Florida, and Texas. Texas and Florida, the worst offenders, pretending to care about immigration while they use the immigrant workforce against other states directly in competition. Broadly, I'd ask my fellow citizens for empathy for a populous that is not so geographically convenient that we might utilize the immigrant population to undermine the economies of other states. All this while managing to be self-righteous about their own immigration views at the same time.

Frustrated American businesses are playing by different rulesets state to state. Many businesses on the border with Texas or California are going to have a significant immigrant labor force whether documented or otherwise. The politicians that say otherwise are ignorant or liars. These states utilize immigration underhandedly, making the lives of Americans that are not near the border more difficult. We must make a coalition that can deliver for labor. This is a critical economic component for wages to be able to move higher for our citizens.

This immigration reform could prove a main bargaining chip for the passage of the PRO Act with the intention to allow for an immediate stop to all illegal & legal immigration. The goal, my fellow citizens, is worker power by any means.

Finally, any legislation would include the legalization of dreamers, an end to the War on Drugs, and new financial instruments allowing for strategic productive capacity investment where we make our own silk road stretching from the top of Canada to the bottom of Chile should their citizens allow. We will accomplish this the same way we warm the hearts of our local citizens, offering service, nothing more. This does not mean IMF loans meant to create subservient nation states. It means to tackle this as brothers, our destinies intertwined. We must end the humanitarian crisis on our borders and return these people from where they have fled, purpose and hope in hand.

In return, we will pay for strategic investment across Central America and beyond, with the only strings attached being that of location, focusing on putting economic hubs in strategic locations up and down the nation that might allow for additional options when migrants are fleeing in both area and economic opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that if the United States is to remain the most dominant economic player, we will be inevitably making our southern brothers and sister very rich, hopefully bringing a newfound warmth and stability that might trickle even further down the region in places hit hard by violence and a lack of economic opportunity.

This may seem like we’re buying off countries and there is truth to this. The United States and our southern compatriots are now entering a new dawn. The US has no doubt penance due, but our peoples should not allow this to hinder new relationships with our hands out in humility and willing to move forward together. If we can bring hope and a tangibly better life for our southern compatriots our investment will be returned a million times over.

Additionally, as we begin to look to domesticate production, we need additional optionality whether due to strategic inputs, shipping routes, interregional goods, additive production, or strategic mining capabilities. In line with a renewed focus on our own strategic onshore production, we must have optionality with where and how products are sourced and made. Strategic partnerships with countries that have productive capacity and differing geopolitical ideals we might give the unique opportunity to show some humility and leadership that might eventually lead to aligning with United States should their people choose to do so. In the meantime, we serve.

Businessmen and capital allocators should be informed and allowed to start planning whatever necessary to meet them in the market. Independent Americans can witness the action and strategically plan in their own communities how they see fit.

Our brothers and sisters to the north are going to find themselves in a similar predicament because much of the additive production in their country is globally reliant as well. Like the US, we dress up a lot of Chinese products to fit a brand image being sold as ‘assembled in America’ or ‘Made in America’. If the peoples of our nations choose, our Canadian, Central & South American brothers and sisters can all figure out individually their own defense vulnerabilities and see how a shared vision of production capacity might fill the needs of all three nations for goods and commerce.

These programs, in conjunction with immigration reform, would initially focus on places with the largest economic devastation and migration populations to the US with an immediate focus on stability and stemming immigration. This should awaken the imagination to an idea of an American version of belt and road initiative but focused on reliance primarily within America and working our way out to our neighbors in Western Hemisphere.

Renewed intervention is the only way to get the tentacles out of our businesses stuck in the East and competitive advantage is the only way to convince a corporate aristocracy to come back over to the Western hemisphere. This is what we must call our leaders to.