A policy challenge to the Democratic Party of the United States of America.



2/15/20239 min read

Mission goals with regards to economic policy.


· Removal of financial sanctions globally

· Revocation of Central Bank Digital Currency

· Removal Federal Reserve use of Quantitative Easing aka QE

I begin each day feeding the fowl on my small farm. Currently, we have a large white goose and two Muscovy ducks situated on a small pond. Like clockwork, before walking through the gate each morning, I will reach over the fence and place a bowl full of food inside the gate to distract the aggressive goose now shooting over from complete stillness, wings halfway up in the air, talon laden feet scurrying quickly at me. This goose is very ornery, shoving his bill blindly into the bowl as fast as he can appearing to have eaten for the first time in his life!

One morning, still drowsy from a restless sleep, I walked through the fence, food in hand with my back turned to the goose. I was quickly reminded by a hard nip on my hind rear that the food I had in my hand was his! My drowsiness was quickly surrendered as I shot up in the air with a mighty hoot screaming angrily. That anger quickly turned to laughter as I ran forward with the goose close afoot, neck weaving back and forth with his eyes never moving from his food, obsessed to eat by any means necessary! However, I always knew the goose would attack for food without regard. It is his animal nature. As his caretaker, I must respect, understand, and better anticipate his animal nature for us to live harmoniously.

The currency of the United States of America is under attack on multiple fronts by rich, weak kneed groupthinkers, no better than a flock of common chickens, quick to bend to the will of the first cock that that offers safety and comfort. We can witness this as citizens, watching the central bank attempting to meet political needs rather than serving to stabilize market function. Money has been telling the tales of weak governments and leaders for quite some time. As citizens of a free republic, we must rein in weak bankers and administrators, who have come to believe themselves above law and man alike.

These Federal Reserve members dictate monetary policy and trade securities themselves. This gives them direct influence in the price of stocks. Yet, our government has the audacity to arrest poor Americans if they get a tip from someone inside a company. This is not only blatant hypocrisy but endangers the trust in our monetary system. Trust, of which, is the most important component to our untethered currency and stability within our society.

During times of financial despair, it is the erosion in the belief of money that destroys it, not just too much of it printed chasing same amount of goods, though that doesn't help. These new age barons have enough hard assets, back up plans, and armies of accountants to make sure they’re ready for next crash. Just like 2008, they’ll likely make sure that all the homes and other assets from the newly bankrupt and homeless are bundled up and sold to their corporate buddies at BlackRock or BlackStone or some other black abyss of soulless corporate puritans willing to destroy American communities to appease shareholders.

This easy money fueled debt speculation has been leveraged up, utilized off the synthetic rising asset prices perpetuating the cycle! This has in some ways caused inflationary pressures simply because there is so much new money chasing such few properties and other assets. This has made the managerial class simply richer than the average first-time homebuyer. This has led to twenty percent increase in homes across the United States on average. A betting man would say I would guess that’s about where the salary divides are between the two. To see static assets in limited supply to have to compete against others in this way is buffoonery. This has compounded the asset holders’ market reach and has inflated asset prices out of range for everyday Americans.

To make matters worse, zombie companies, rich off quick debt will remain lumbering over some markets that will be unable to strategically reorganize with new societal norms. Working people will have to deal with all the struggles of working within the system only to blindsided by these easy money policies later. Men or women who think they can outsmart this natural market cycle show not an incompetence of monetary theory, but of self-awareness and humility.

Included are some basic baselines for all readers about money so they can understand the passion about the new manipulation techniques used by the Federal Reserve, unseen prior to the dawn of the century. Money has three main functions. It can function as a medium of exchange because it is widely accepted as payment for goods and services. It can act as a unit of account because it is used to measure the value of goods and services, or it can be used as a store of value because it can be saved and used to buy goods and services in the future. The Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE bank, acts as the central bank of the United States, creating money in several ways. The first two are common economic theories as old as markets themselves. First, the buying and selling of U.S. government securities (bonds) by the Federal Reserve creates new money as they're paid for. The second is lending to banks, another mechanism of creating money, but it is not until the creation of the loan downstream for the consumer or business in which the new reserves take flight into the American economy.

In 2008, during the financial crisis quantitative easing was first used in the United States as an attempt to stop a deflationary spiral, stabilize financial markets, and eliminate uncertainty. During COVID 19, The Federal Reserve utilized quantitative easing with little forethought or oversight or even education to the public to better understand they're directly competing for assets in our own free market. Even my basic google searched understanding of economics knew this would become an exponential phenomenon, not just translated in the higher cost of goods because more dollars now compete, but because assets would be valued differently.

I began to envision a green ooze of dollars bills seeping from the cracks in our sidewalks as we've let these easy money men lull us into complacency. Created from thin air, now seeping up from underneath into the economy, it manifests as newly priced assets received loans. We've all seen these crazy ass loans all over our country often significantly over the value of the actual house. Now, the price between what an asset was at the beginning of the pandemic and the loan amount taken out to purchase assets after the pandemic is more new money created. So, if you have a $100,000.00 dollar house and BlackRock offers to pay you $150,000.00 because they've convinced some galaxy brain banker that's the new market value, $50,000.00 of new money was now created out of thin air. That fifty-thousand-dollar increase is new money created in the economy ON TOP of the money they put into businesses and citizens bank accounts the country over. There must be a concerted focus to create powerful economic institutions to push back against these bankers.

The United States has made incalculable mistake in the manipulation of our own currency during Covid 19 and with all sanctions we've put on working people the world over, attempting to achieve political means, but potentially destroying dollar hegemony in the process. How can countries look to us as a stable long-term partner as we use fly by night morality to suck poor working-class populations dry of our capital and the ability to use it? More importantly, that useless capital will often find itself trouncing back to the United States pushing assets up as they inevitably make their way into the free market attempting to acquire goods. More importantly, these ignorant men have tarnished one of the golden keys of American soft power, a certain amount of trust between parties, exported across the world like a magic Santa Claus delivering the trust of American guns to the store of value it keeps.

After COVID 19 and the manipulation of financial instruments by our leaders, The United States must have the tenacity to do what is right, not what is easy. BRICS is an acronym for an association of five major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These countries represent some of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, with a combined population of over 3 billion people and a combined GDP of more than $18 trillion. This group does represent a change with intent to expand their financial instruments and influence the displacement of our dollar as head honcho. However, BRICS can be stifled, becoming little more than a dollar haters club. It will take a multiple pronged approach and there are no guarantees in a world a quill tip away from chaos.

However, there is a significant lack of interest in the liberal movement on the actual acquisition of means of production, particularly as it pertains to capital, including finance and banking. I dislike bankers only second to lawyers, but this has been brought to the forefront of my study and thought as it seems everyone hypnotized, unable to understand these men are playing fast and loose. Capital is the most important mechanism for all citizens to understand in the current makeup of our system. There is hope as crypto bros recognize the underlying issues but think everyone in the world tethered to a cell phone.

Working people must fight back. Rich bankers will never care about inflation because it will always reduce their own debt burdens while simultaneously propping up the price of their own assets to new highs. Middle Americans will always be split apart, while sheepish asset owners find themselves on the seemingly right side of money printing, while others must pay through the nose. Without guardrails for these barons, more wealth will vanish.

The United States is a highly competitive environment that does breed great entrepreneurs and businessmen alike, proficient at the profession of identifying and filling need and desire. However, these are businessmen, not priests. If there were one hundred pieces of food in a bowl, they will always take one hundred pieces and then say they didn’t see a sign saying otherwise. In this way, they act as geese to feed. You must understand their nature.

These same men now ask us to trust them to push a central bank digital currency, a magic computer screen number and a tool for men obsessed with control for all but themselves. These inside traders think they're going to dictate a new currency medium to the United States of America so they can watch our transactions and control our people like little ants on a digital screen, ready to be quashed at a moment’s notice.

The PRO Act (Protecting the Right to Organize Act) is a proposed labor law reform bill in the United States that aims to strengthen workers' rights to organize, bargain collectively, and engage in other collective action in the workplace. This should be sold as an economic policy as well. Simply give Americans the adequate rights, leading to more power in their workplace and get out of the way. Pushing the minimum wage up a bit nationwide should help my brothers and sisters down south, I know in a constant battle to the bottom. I am sure this will have additional impacts within our labor markets that are unforeseen and potentially detrimental to some businesses and workers alike. We must be honest about the tradeoffs and hopeful for the future led by workers. This will mean additional responsibilities for workers as well, who if unionized, must be steadfast in being the most efficient operators on the planet, providing state of the art services.

Hard money really reduces to only spending what you make with regards to productive capacity. It is both critical to our citizens for jobs and stifling the constant printing happening at the tops of these governments. As we increase our productive capacity and decrease our money printing, I'm sure a renewed economic health will return to the United States though I cannot envision the destruction that may lie in between.

I want to be honest with you. Pulling the government and the Federal Reserve back from such direct impacts into the economy will have unknown and unexpected consequences. Many I would imagine to the seeming a detriment on the economy. It might even mean a one term presidency, as the American populous is not kind to asset deflation. However, our economy and the markets serving them are victims to funhouse mirror distortions I believe will continue violently vomiting out circumstances in which banks feel the need to intervene. The stock market reached new highs during the Covid 19 lockdown!

Devaluing our money destroys the working class of our nation most, who already must strike for breadcrumbs. Our working poor will be the ones who suffer silently now attempting the age-old question of generations long past; heat or eat? Due to the unadulterated greed, this automatic rift of inequality now explodes in size as soft monopolies emerge now after so many struggling businesses have evaporated.

Soon, there will be another test of the American peoples trust in our financial institutions when quantitative easing eventually forces the natural market cycle like history has shown us it to do every other single time. With this information in mind, The Federal Reserve and other powerful corporations need their power castrated as you might a large farm animal that has become unruly and dangerous.