LABOR & COUNTRY CHAPTER V - Privacy, Free Speech, & Technology

A policy challenge to the Democratic Party of the United States of America.



2/15/202312 min read

Primary mission goals with regards to privacy, free speech, technology.

· American Privacy Act

· Destruction of Patriot Act

· Thunderdome

· FedReq- Site to show govt requests.

It is my intention to make the most aggressive privacy policy on behalf of the American people and against the federal government in memory. It will be debated, enacted by our Congress, and firmly backed by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. This strict privacy policy will be a multifaceted tool, critically used to destroy the Patriot Act once for all. Within the Patriot Act, a law where the FBI can secretly conduct a physical search or wiretap on American citizens to obtain evidence of crime without proving probable cause, as the Fourth Amendment explicitly requires.

I hope to set our people free once again from the multiplying tentacles of government overreach putting a stranglehold on business and country alike, particularly on the internet. This privacy policy and a return of a sliver of trust to our citizens is the primary legacy I hope to leave my people in the beginning of our internet age.

It seems like an eternity ago; I watched as a desperate poor people rise against a slew of powerful leaders all over the Middle East and Africa during the Arab Spring back in 2010. Desperate citizens, at great risk to their own life and liberty, stood up arm in arm shouting to the heavens their demands including fights against corruption, economic hardship, and political repression. In some countries, the protests led to significant political changes, with long-standing authoritarian regimes being toppled, while in others, they were met with violent crackdowns and civil wars.

For the first time I could remember, technology had become a nearly lethal weapon to the government in power, as the people were now able to now create and mobilize movements with near spontaneity. It was breathtaking to watch from across the sea, wild, desperate people rising, sending my mind soaring with the possibilities this newfound power. For a moment it seemed to wash the entire earth in hope and reverence laying witness the struggle of a people. Connected in a new way.

However, these technologies have evolved. They would not come about to bring about a utopian future, instead leaving litters of the homeless in the wake of new behemoths casting their shadows over all California but none so dark as San Francisco. Now, these companies work for the leaders, corporations, and politicians the very people attempted to overthrow, while they keep their own housing inventories artificially low and throw crack pipes to the people unable to survive in the sea of egregious concentrated wealth.

Our movement must come from the Midwest. The most liberal place on earth has gone mad. These Californians now openly debate reparations while the slaves to their own cowardice, watching homeless die alone in the streets without the firm, strict hand of care, in depriving each of these souls the death that these despondent citizens crave. For the respect of the taxpayers, risk posed to order and the lives of these drug addled citizens, these shantytown drug dens open in the street must end at all costs.

Make no mistake the employers have the stains of political manipulation all over this wonderful town turned into a slow, transfixed demise into chaos. A population taxed to death, and locked down in their own homes while the governor enjoys parties with celebrities and private equity giants. Indeed, much has changed. That is the fundamental difference between then and now.

The fact we would let these companies do the bidding our government against us as "The Twitter Files" revealed, puts a potent poison into the very veins of our communication between one another. The Twitter Files are a series of releases of Twitter, Inc., documents, released to journalists, and then published that included a range of digital communication, focusing on interactions with government agencies, and its efforts to influence public opinion.

Now, new caste systems have emerged within these technologies, further eroding an already fractured relationship with their own customers and between citizens alike. Addicted and afraid; these expertly engineered applications have used everything in their arsenal to addict the mind and little to inspire it.

As tragic as a science fiction novel, I have witnessed it firsthand as desperate Americans and Canadians alike attempted to get messages and start groups of any sort related to how they might assemble their own movements during the end of the Canadian trucker protests. Rather than wait for the terms of service to be violated, they were erasing messages and groups as they were created, seemingly on simple word searches with little regard for nuance.

Now, these things now happen in real time against citizens for simply talking about subjects. I've now seen advanced methods being used to quell the Trucker protests in Canada and the United States alike. It’s no accident the American Trucker movement faded from the American conscience.

Instead, we need new ideas. This is one of them but just a simple principle. "Thunderdome" is an idea inspired by cinema, but I hope to make manifest in a new age of the internet. A new term that originated in the 1985 post-apocalyptic movie "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,” it refers to a brutal fighting arena where individuals fight to the death for entertainment. Thank you to my Australian brothers and sisters.

Most of what is seen on the modern internet is not that of information in raw form but filtered, manipulated, and often dressed up, searched, filtered again and then presented in many interesting ways to meet the needs of the changing consumer and marketing executive alike. The largest issue most are having is a delicate tight rope in the information age of trying to lead a business that can run on advertising revenue, while trying to keep at bay the loveable heathens of the internet intent on world domination or complete destruction.

We need these heathens, quick witted and with sharp tongue to remind us of our own fallibility. How weak leaders must be, to think the internet we collectively create need tamed. In Thunderdome, all the filters come off and we ride like thugs come what may. For a site like Twitter, it’s just another tab, a function I'm sure the development teams will appreciate. You might click on the tab, a pop up to accept the terms of Thunderdome, or something similar for each social media business, (Tim Robinson meme "Are you sure about that?") and must be clicked not once but twice. For developers, true customer experience rules all. Only basic filters as approached by whatever common sets are used to identify different 'types' of content, follower engagement etc..

After the terms are approved you could have a graphic of Elon Musk riding a doge dog with the ass shaved off with sign attached to its tail blowing in the wind that states: "marketing material near or associated with any tweet is purely coincidental. Besides, this is Thunderdome".

*Cue Metallica's Enter Sandman "we're off to never never land........ Ooh!",

(Sound might be heavy on front end, text could prove fun useful as well, vortex, pictures).

Then, every experience in Thunderdome could be another wacky campaign against the ridiculous censorship of the day and general anarchy. Now that sounds like a fun.

At its core, Thunderdome is the idea that given customer consent, we should trust American citizens within the boundaries of the first amendment to choose their own content and internet destiny. However, even with the idea of Thunderdome, it is not the government's duty to force anything down the throats of these companies but rather to say; "The United States government, based on the principles of our First Amendment, bolstered by our Fourth Amendment will harbor and forcefully thwart all attempts by internal agencies, foreign governments, and other institutions to attempt to collect information on any American citizen without the strict consent of a judge and transparent request center where Americans can view these requests in real time. Don't get fedRECKD, get FedREQ, an online resource to show citizens what government does on their behalf. Of course, for those not associated with active cases, and expanded as needs dictate. The citizens of the United States of America run this government, not the other way around. It's time we remind this political class.

I want to stress, common functions in these sites won't change. The 'Home' and 'For You' tabs, equipped with your customer centric data won't need to change. We're not taking away choices for Americans, only adding more. To truly utilize the internet as I romantically believe it was envisioned so many years ago. Back when Google's doctrine still was 'Do no evil'. Free citizens cannot be hesitant to voice themselves and share ideas however egregious they may be. However dangerous other closeted self-righteous liberals or conservatives may think them.

If we are to deal with rugged capitalism, grinding most into dust, we must demand do so on our terms, laughing, and enjoying authentic experiences rife with the pleasant eccentricities I have come to adore about our people. Some surely to be crazy and even disgusting along the way. We must begin to destroy safe spaces in our wake to save our citizens from the surprise of raw chaos the United States truly embodies. There are no safe spaces.

I know how you feel it fellow citizen. In our places of work and beyond, a hesitancy to say what we truly want. What justice and truth call to. Rebel. I need you to help me fight against those with lives filled with to the brim with boredom and money enough to find ways to torment well-meaning citizens by interrogating their character line by line diminishing the free thought of others. Now freedom turns to hesitation in sharing with our fellow citizens, a significant loss, further fraying trust.

I will lead a liberal movement against this mob injustice and make it a make an example of any citizen attempting to quell the free speech of others including our conservative citizens. It seems someone needs to manifest this to make sure they understand principle from political convenience.

Free speech on college campuses will be one of the first tasks the New Democratic Party of Ohio and FIRE, The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression embark on together as a service to working citizens, second only to our water mission.

The mission of FIRE is to defend and sustain the individual rights of all Americans to free speech and free thought. This organization reviews hundreds of alleged civil liberties violations every year and seeks justice when institutions fail to uphold their commitments to our basic rights. In the modern class warfare, a gang of angry citizens, righteous or not, will not be enough. If we are going to create an army, we will need lawyers, advocates, preachers, teachers, and damn good speakers as well.

Previously, I dreamed one day I might work with an institution like the ACLU, an omnipresent focus as I carved out my own ideas about what free thought and speech meant. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a non-profit organization in the United States that works to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. This liberal organization was a beacon of principle that helped galvanize my own feelings on the subject protecting the rights of the most appalling throughout history, clinging to surely principle alone when waters the roughest.

I've watched this organization abandon its founding principles, unable to speak out on an Ex-President silenced for the easy soothing of a mob. There is a distinct lack of leadership in this organization that would write op-ed pieces for celebrities while not sticking up for the free speech rights of an Ex-President, knowing the binds of our citizens already frail.

What started out as a question of free speech has now become an issue of safety, civility, and the ability to spread ideas without intrusion. These young minds are now assured by weak leaders deplatforming, or banishing individuals from our public squares is an effective instrument. Brandishing a dangerous weapon in our shared political environment, wholly intolerable to a free people.

This has allowed for the creation of new right wing rock stars, while brain washed children scream at the top of their lungs, only empowering the mediocre ideas coming from these conservative charlatans. It is a detriment to the leadership and viability of these institutions in my opinion. To have such a fear spread through free citizens that should be intent on preparation for the unadulterated madness of the American empire. To understand that our corporations in our country and beyond, look at their existence and growth, as war.

The intrusions into public events and disrupting of sacred time working people have devoted to each other is unacceptable. We are all being unfairly limited in seeking this knowledge. Now, this has become a situation that can only be remedied in the way corporations understand. You see, for the modern American university, it is a matter of dollars and cents. Colleges across this country are little more than private equity firms, posing as virtuous scholars, where the loss of free speech is the price of doing business.

We cannot allow leaders to bend to the behavior of children, who show no respect for their fellow citizens. The lack of leadership to be able to conduct civil discourse while respecting the rights of protesting citizens is one that's not for the faint of heart. However, it is the duty as a scholar, leader, CEO, to demonstrate a more rigid backbone to make examples of these little foul-mouthed heathens.

The days of people's lives ruined because of speech whether in their workplace or beyond will be tested by my administration. This is a warning to the companies that betray our citizen’s trust. A misguided tongue not a lethal weapon. I'm not talking about harassment or bullying. Everyone knows the overreach in their guts because we have all now had to think of our speech in these tedious ways.

I have been thwarted at multiple turns, without any significant power trying to help sovereign citizens in Canada. There is no length I will not go to see the speech of the sovereign citizens of the United States of America unleashed come what may and I am asking for my people’s permission to crush the shackles off our people.

The United States government should not interfere in activities in the spaces of Thunderdome or any other private companies’ information as it pertains to American citizens without proper approval by free citizens of this country or by law on the books being directly violated, precision cut from the site, further interrogation not needed. Now available at FedReq. Remember, don't get fedRECKD, get FedReq!

The AI revolution has begun. Though I'm not an expert, I have kept a close eye as it’s been happening. Right now, large data sets are creating novel approaches to many tedious tasks of the past. The rich believe they're going to pull more productivity for free from their employees as they did with the internet and technology revolution. The poor believe AI is going to steal all the jobs, leaving citizens fearful with internal questions about replacement.

AI can be used to fight for working people. Teaching ourselves and each other, we might once more attempt to compete in the marketplace with companies whose previous technical capabilities made it impossible for regular mom and pop shops to compete. In addition to the water testing that will be the focus of the first part of the campaign, I will build a site focused first on the training of basic AI components, and its downstream capabilities for unions and workers, particularly as it relates to information warfare. I am creating a suite of tools though. Union membership should take lead, so that our working brothers and sisters, might be better prepared for a new battlefield. I will also train New Democratic Party operatives, campaign teams, non-profit groups and other institutions focused on the preparation for power acquisition of workers in their own workplace. This will complement a growing arsenal of tools already excitedly being created by our youth. It will all be called 'AI4Workers'.

Finally, to change battlefields throwing adversaries off balance, I will need to undergo several tests of principle that must be weighed by each citizen as you make your choice for candidate. As I attempt to lead a new movement using a different leadership style, I will surround myself with an efficient and effective army sound in principle and purpose.

However, as working citizens against giants, we must utilize novel approaches when dealing with large scale institutions. It is critical as you challenge power you do not underestimate it ever. My principles may prove a critical detriment to our campaign as name id a critical component to success. However, to show a new generation the power of imagination, I make my bet on my people and the magic of the internet in a new age.

The journalist Julian Assange has been kept in a shocking state, unbefitting of a journalist, and the men that have fought and died for sacred principles this country. Julian Assange is an Australian journalist, and founder of the website WikiLeaks, which gained notoriety for publishing classified and sensitive government documents from around the world. He first gained prominence in 2010 when WikiLeaks published a large cache of classified documents related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as confidential US diplomatic cables critical for letting the American people know our government was breaking the law.

I am sickened by this constantly, watching my people barraged with holier than thou proclamations of what is right, while truth itself, disintegrates in midair. There is right and wrong and should this not be remedied by an immediate pardon, I don't know our populous would recover their trust in our institutions should something happen to this man.

No corporate media will be talked to starting the moment you want to join this movement until this man is released. Every time a reporter asks a politician, citizen, or leader a question I would ask you answer with:

" The imprisonment of Julian Assange is an afront to a free republic. You are playing a part in his imprisonment. insert your own branding after." Repeat it. Repeat it. Repeat it.

We will repeat it on every channel that wishes to know the mind of a free people hell bent on seeing right done by this journalist and sovereign citizen of another land. Every question I get from a corporate publication will challenge them in more and more aggressive fashion until I bring the issue to the Democratic National Committee floor, and we do the Chi town shuffle. I will bring this issue to the front before other free citizens.

The decrepit old ideas running these party institutions want to wait around for the future. Our citizens need to reach out desperately and grasp it themselves, ripping it toward them with the might of a thousand grandma hugs inside of a black hole. To lead the world, our principles must be intact. For this, we must right this injustice to move forward.