A policy challenge to the Democratic Party of the United States of America.



2/15/20235 min read

man and woman sitting on chairs
man and woman sitting on chairs

Mission goals with regards to education;

• Future School

• Ready@18

• War on charter schools

• Increase in teacher compensation and training

Working people understand school is not working as initially intended, able to provide a common path to immediate middle-class life. The inability of Democrats to control the conversation and endure needed reform leaves great risk to the future of the way schools are constructed with deep ties into our communities.

The expectation of all parents should consist of the notion that once their child has left high school, they will have the necessary tools to not only survive, but thrive, in our economy and communities. In this country, with hard work, anything is still possible no matter what any. Whether the tumult of an ever-changing job market or inflation constantly changing the guideposts, workers across America are facing uphill battles everywhere we look.

Life in the capitalist system should always focus on service, the mechanism that teaches us to be the best humans, businessmen, and leaders alike. All students regardless of location in our great nation should know how to run a basic business out of high school, including accounting. Though AI will assist with many things, the core competencies and how they relate to the health of enterprises and customer are lessons a computer will never understand though a bunch of galaxy brains think it might. This should allow for a more problem solving and increased entrepreneurial faculties to include a great deal of financial literacy within normal citizens. That way, if they do end up get brainwashed in college at least they can make money off their new belief system in tight labor markets!

The focus on initiatives to bring technology to our heartland and is crucial to remove friction when pulling productive capacity back into our cities and countryside. Future school is a part of the productive capacity puzzle but no one program can hope to stem the divide with one program. Future school is a part of a bigger idea that no matter the program, citizens need to be 'Ready@18'.

The time is long overdue the Democratic Party and leaders wean themselves away from the idea that citizens need college at all, instead moving to the idea that our STEM curricula from kindergarten through college all come to the forefront of the conscience and economy for survival. This will mean the removal of government backed loans for non-STEM fields. The future of the American economy is unpredictable, and we are not followers. In moments of transition, with our backs against the wall, we need bold action to hone our collective focus like an arrow leaning hard back into math and science with a more focused approach to deal with technological changes that may come faster than we anticipate. Most importantly, we must agree to make mistakes boldly, acknowledging and striving for better falling into success when possible.

More critical, is a notion of freedom through independence, and incentive free market catalysts that will create new and innovative businesses focused on small teams pulling capital back locally. Additionally, every future school will have a childcare school built in to ensure the best training for childcare workers in the area, and to allow for working people to be trained without needing to look for childcare. It is time the economy focused and invested in families as a primary directive, not an afterthought.

Anyone who knows someone that grew up on a farm knows that you’re taught several skills on the fly to comply with the general nature of unpredictability. It should be expected the future to come with this same unpredictability. Basic skillsets should provide options to make sure citizens are much more capable of dealing with these new paradigms. Everything would be coordinated with national teachers’ unions to ensure that the quality and objectives within their curricula are still met. Teacher compensation should rival other jobs considered critical to the economy and should be considered as a fig leaf for the transformations that need to take place as well. No one likes to change, a feeling I can understand well.

Such a task would require training a lot of teachers, making those already in the system more skilled and providing them additional value. New types of teachers, like welders, would also be pulled into the system better allowing for administrative flexibility in many places strapped for money or talent alike. Most importantly, there is an overwhelming need to focus and respond to a working class that is undertrained, underfunded, and have little power.

There must be a renewed focused ability to give both our liberal and conservative brothers and sisters more of a direct say in their child’s education while still focused on robust community driven schools with a foundation of strong teacher unions. However, it is critical that more space be given to local jurisdictions to choose what’s in their school is the future. Kids in Montana would not, and likely should not, receive the exact same education as kids in California and that makes sense for the regional career expectations. We’re not reinventing the wheel; we're just polishing it up a little to look nice and shiny for the future.

Stealing ideas from wealthy Montessori schools we can improve on these ideas integrating novel lessons into every single year of child development would focus on a mix of physical activity and learning, primarily as it relates to biology and science. In addition, students will help reinforce skills other children. When teaching, one's knowledge of the subject is galvanized and reinforced, so our teachers are still vitally important to making sure good knowledge is being shared by all.

In first grade students begin trading and sharing in the classroom marketplace followed by gardening and growing in the second grade. This subject will teach the students direct correlations with academic goals. In third grade, intro to plumbing will teach students how all plumbing in house works, how to fix common issues with toilet, gravity, pressure systems, basic tools and most importantly safety! Building off plumbing the year before, intro to electric would go into energy, the basic laws of thermodynamics and most importantly safety!

I do not want to change what works, only enhance, and better equip our students for the future while making utility a new conversation piece in all we teach.

High School is where the real choice would come in. Like traditional trade programs, the student and family can choose their path whether it continues in class for college preparation or if student becomes more focused on work directly out of high school. The big trades are there; electrical, plumbing, construction but all are paired with new programs focused on entrepreneurship and finance.

There is a war going on against our public education system. Our teachers and students are caught in the middle of a corporate led coup against the institutions left to us by better men and women. We must fight to see them improved and boldly envisioned to serve a new generation. I hope to help build it with you.