A policy challenge to the Democratic Party of the United States of America.



2/15/20234 min read

Primary platform and mission goals of the NDPOH;

· Family First

· Energy Independence

· Freedom of Speech

· Hard money

The primary goal of the New Democratic Party of Ohio is to democratically move the state and national Democratic Party back to a service-oriented governance structure focused solely on the needs of working people. The sycophantic allegiance to the national Democratic Party must be remedied by a cohesive fist of states ready to strike the will of our people into the vision they seek. We will team with our fellow liberal citizens from all over the country or with our fellow conservative citizens as a new 'Rust Belt Coalition'.

The above stated primary mission goals will be broken down further in the chapters that follow. I offer my leadership of principled ideas executed with military precision. If chosen as the presidential candidate they will be a ruthless, focused policy that will leave the whole of the Republican party on their backfoot. I'm not coming just for more liberals. I'm coming to take back Trump's people too. My people, same as any other.

This mission consists of serving our citizens, nothing more. It will be expected that all politicians remove impropriety in the form of securities trading and acceptance of money from corporate lobbying organizations immediately. This is considered fundamental and critical to mission success.

The worker, and by extension his or her family is the foundation of our nation as workers are of all nations. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that those who work the seemingly inconsequential areas within our economy have been greatly underestimated in their importance to our society. Yet, it seems as soon as the emergency within our nation finished, they have been tossed to the side by the government and corporations they work for alike.

American citizens are now under a new reign of soft monopolies as even more small businesses continue to wither away to dust due to the policies related to the Covid 19 pandemic. Corporations have feasted off large productivity gains without even a thought of parity, even in a small way, to wages. This is a critical failure of leadership.

For American families we will keep it simple with a campaign of "most Americans want to make a whole bunch of babies and build cool shit." Without a concentrated focus on American families our population will continue to dwindle. Whether fair or not, Americans can't afford to make the very thing needed to propel us forward, families.

I believe the child tax credit is the most important Democratic policy to come across in my lifetime. The fact that this hasn’t been voted on alone makes my guts boil. Additionally, in all professions where possible, our citizens should be given the option to work from home, ensuring many the ability to stay close to our precious young children. Those that are unable to share in this, should be compensated.

Dire services, particularly as it pertains to water, will become the forefront of the fight for the hearts of our fellow citizens. The New Democratic Party of Ohio will lead teams proficient in testing and translation of common findings into actions on the ground, and hopefully into change at the Environmental Protection Agency.

The New Democratic Party of Ohio will immediately call for independent testing procedures going forward, not run by the polluters themselves. Secondly, as a nod to the Silicon Valley Bank failure, and the financial product created for the rich, The New Democratic Party of Ohio will demand new programs for loans and stipends coming from a shared monetary pool when large corporations poison our cities. It is a travesty I need to even say this, but my people shouldn't have to look the company in the eye that poisoned them every day asking them to dole out pittances. For this, we must change our leadership.

There shouldn't be a need for laws to tell our politicians regulating and participating in our markets is a crime. That it endangers the trust of regular citizens in their own institutions after losing twenty percent of middle-class wealth over the last thirty years. That loss is on both the Democratic Party and Republican Party alike. There shouldn't be members of the Democratic party attacking journalists on live television while our president's secretary of state runs around gathering counterintelligence operative signatures to fool the American people into thinking his son's laptop is Russian disinformation. There shouldn't be members of this party taking money from companies or countries outside this nation at all.

I've been to every corner of this state and though there are large cultural differences I have not found anyone not worthy to fight for. Many of my own liberal brothers and sisters, so quick to fight for the homeless and other vulnerable citizens, now find a new disdain for our fellow populous, caught in their own propaganda trap. I will carry the word 'deplorable' with me forever, as I came to better understand the true differences between those who lead the Democratic Party and those that they expect to bend the knee. It is my intention to fight for all people unwilling to budge in principles and values alike.

The New Democratic Party of Ohio will lead reinvestment into state and local parties through the equal sharing of money, labor, and service projects that will allow for marketing opportunities lessening the need for repetitive cable ads and desperate money collection efforts.

In the age of the internet, projects physical in nature, leave reminders to the citizenry and inspiration for all if done well. Instead of the same few commercials playing across our radios and television every five seconds, that money could've been being used to build our party here at home, where it should've been all along. Let us build it.