The end of my Presidential campaign. The fight for working people has just begun.


The presidential campaign of Anthony Manalakos


Fellow citizens,

I started my Presidential campaign in an attempt to rally regular working people across our own country to their own power. My hope was always to create a less fearful and angry populace through simple service. There is a great void between the working class of this nation and the leaders who attempt to rule over us like the King of England long ago. I have met many fellow Americans who find this wholly unacceptable and will continue to fight. The mission is STILL to serve, to bring and keep capital in our communities, and to build a stronger, more resilient and independent populace. Only in this way and with economic vibrance will our fellow citizens be able to take the power back in their own lives, the definition of freedom as I see it.

My fight will continue leading movements on the internet and beyond while I build my own capital so I will not be denied again by a completely corrupted Democratic National Committee who treats our citizens like unruly customers rather than fellow citizens and peers. A committee that lies, cheats, and steals to prop up uninspiring leaders while using corporate money against the working class of this nation in the most despicable of fashions. I do not like begging working Americans for money and don’t care much for being around the rich ones either, a critical deficit in my own abilities that I will continue to work on. The goal WILL ALWAYS BE to removethe lawless from power BY ANY MEANS.

Fall has come and I must prepare my land and family for the long winter now. I am suspending my candidacy for President of the United States and will continue to build the civilian services that I have spoken about in conjunction with new businesses to give workers more power. Pray for peace and working people stick together.